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George Karaphillis Attends the
World War II
D-Day 60th Anniversary in Normandy

The following excerpts are from a note to Susie from George Karaphillis about his exciting trip to Normandy this past summer:

“Now, let me tell you about the greatest trip I ever took. And it was given to me by one of my students I had over 26 years ago. He was on my basketball and volleyball team. Anyway, one day I took all my German WWII collection to school and showed my students. This young man never forgot about it, wrote a paper, and received an A for his work. 

Last Christmas he came to Tarpon and with his sisters came to my son’s Christmas party. He came up to me (I hardly recognized him) and said, “I’m going to take you to the 60th D-Day Celebration. I was surprised and skeptical about it. So I waited 3 weeks to hear from him. Finally, he called and said “I’ve got our tickets and we’re leaving on June 1st.” “My God, what a trip!” On June 6th, 10,000 veterans, congressman, generals and French people gathered to hear President George Bush speak and thank us for liberating France.

After Normandy we went on tours of LaFluer, Brugge, Edam, Amsterdam and LaHarre. I can’t wait to show you the photo albums of my whole trip.

The highlight was having my picture taken with first lady Laura Bush! “


Goerge on Omaha Beach


George and Verona – George is off to Europe


George travels in style on the Holland America line


The Americn Cemetary


French Honor Guard


President Bush and
President Chirac