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Good Bye Dear Friend

As I write this today it is a sad time because we are informing you of the death of our dear and loyal friend Jack Flanagan.

During the past year Jack’s health problems became steadily worse. In spite of the fact that he had the best medical care available and fought it real hard, he just didn’t make it.


          Not only have we lost a friend but also the creator and mover of the 6l2th Association. He loved the 612th dearly. It was his baby and he made it into what it is today. We were uniquely lucky that Jack was in the media business because he had access to so much of the printing and reproducing business that he was able to do such a fine job on news letters and articles that were made available to all of us. He was also a military historian and as such he was able to make things available to all of us.


          Jack also had the full cooperation of his family and this made his job easier.


          We will miss you Jack, and will be forever indebted to you, Gert and your family for what you have done for the organization. We love you all and wish you the best.


God Bless.


Francis Hayes