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2008 Reunion

July 31st through August 3rd

Fairfield Inn and Suites

Murfreesboro, Tenn.


The Haynes and Sanders Families have graciously hosted our 55th Reunion  in Murfreesboro, Tenn.


Early arrivals were greeted by Fayne Haynes and his daughter Janice Bellamy – working in the hospitality room.

Fayne Haynes

Avery Sanders


Including Fayne Haynes there were 6 vets in attendance this year; Earl Sain, Donn Fischer, Avery Sanders, Talmadge  Riley and Jesse Weaver.


ill Hawkins had planned to come but he called Fayne Thursday afternoon and said Earline had to go to the doctor suddenly and he was afraid to leave. Jewel Raulins also called and cancelled because he said he just wasn't up to making the trip.

As usual, Janice Bellamy and Dianne Kelton did a fantastic job putting it together.

At the business meeting it was decided we would meet again next year - Dianne said she would take on the major job of planning, etc and Janice said she would be glad to help. Of course, we are all hoping to be here and well enough to attend next year.  Everyone asked about Susie and Rick Pidsosny and said how much they missed y'all. 

 Geneva Smith came and brought two boxes of Moon Pies as usual.  Several of the ladies brought other desserts - homemade brownies, cakes and other goodies.  For the Friday night indoor picnic Jim Bellamy barbecued pork and made delicious baked beans, slaw and there was homemade potato salad and other salads, etc left from lunch for anyone who wanted more than the barbecue. It was really very good. The Saturday night dinner was catered by Miller's Grocery (the same place that catered last year’s dinner) and it, too, was very good.  On Friday night after the barbecue picnic we played bingo and it was lots of fun. Oh yes, the Saturday night dinner was paid for out of the treasury and Fayne said it would also be done that way next year.   

 The local paper sent a photographer out for pictures and printed one of Iris Morris embroidering the new names on the quilt.  They also interviewed Fayne the day before but didn't include it with the picture.  He thought the interview might be in Sunday's paper - anyhow he is supposed to send you the pictures and story.  He also said he would send you some pictures of the reunion.

Dianne Kelton made a lovely scrapbook of group pictures and other things from way back (as far back as she could find).  It was huge and so well done.  She was going to put it on the raffle table to be raffled off Saturday night but when she and Glyn Sain were talking about it Glyn just couldn't stand to think just anyone might get it - such as someone who would have no interest in having it - so she and Dianne came up with the idea to make a special drawing of just the veterans who were there and the widows of veterans who had passed on.  I think there were just 16 names and Pearl Noland's name was drawn.  She was so thrilled to have it and we were happy for her.”

Fifty-three people attended the Saturday night banquet although the total reunion attendance was 54 (Dean Uhles was there on Friday only). 

Iris Morris, Glenda Millar, Hazel Scott and Tena Phillips presented roses on behalf of the association to our faithful workers in the hospitality room; Janice Bellamy, Dianne Kelton, Mary Ann Wesoly and Anita Stanley. As always they did such a beautiful job which we all appreciate so very much!

Everybody that won prizes in the raffle were well pleased with their gifts. Glenda and Tena handled the drawing and Janice, Dianne, Mary Ann, Anita and little Chloe helped pass out prizes.

Jim Bellamy was a great helper. He barbecued on Friday with all the trimmings. Many other ladies helped as they have in past years.

We had a great reunion! Thank you all!”

Members in attendance: (Veterans names are in bold print)

Company A

Company B

Company C