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Visteon Corporation
Integrated Products Engineering
Dearborn, MI

1/97 – 11/98

Program Manager: Responsible for developing the technical vision as well as identifying and acquiring the resources for hardware and software development for Visteon’s Super Integrated Cockpit.  Prepared detailed project timing and month-by-month expenditures estimates.  The vision resulted from structured analysis/design techniques applied to cockpit electronics.  Integrating the driver information, audio, body and climate control systems it involved a computer-like modular concept and emphasized configuration standards versus specific configurations.  Acquired and directed project resources including a combination of internal and contract services.  Completed fabrication of a prototype cockpit presently functioning in a drivable Ford Expedition.  Represented super integration at several customer technology reviews along with the Paris auto show. 

Visteon Corporation
Integrated Products Engineering
Dearborn, MI

01/95 - 12/96

Program Manager:  Identified and acquired engineering resources supporting the Ford Luxury Segment Demonstration Vehicle (LSDV).  This included budget development as well as personnel interviewing and hiring.  Directed resources developing the climate control modules (3) and Instrument Panel Module.  Created two self-directed work teams.  Mentored team responsible for developing the structured functional system requirements using the Hatley-Pirbhai technique.  This team later developed the embedded module software. Mentored the second team responsible for verification of the software and module functionality.  This involved design and development of an automated Software Validation Tester (SVT) hardware, tester script interpreter software and the scripts that automated testing.  Obtained training for and mentored personnel in the use of automated test case generators for software verification.  This was a Ford first.  Despite numerous changes, teams delivered modules on time and within budget.  Subsequently, forward model programs piloted several of the processes developed on the LSDV program.
Ford Motor Company
Electronic Concepts & Systems Office
Dearborn, MI
09/90 - 05/93
System Design Program Manager: Managed development of Ford's Ecostar Vehicle System Controller (VSC).  The Ecostar was Ford's first electric vehicle offered to fleet lease customers and included the first application of Ford's Standard Corporate Protocol (SCP) in a critical control application.  The VSC performed the outer loop vehicle controls.  My group was responsible for verifying system requirements, hardware design/fabrication/validation and software design/fabrication/validation.  Created and mentored three self-directed work teams.  One team was responsible for software design and development.  The second team was responsible for hardware design, development and validation.  The third team was responsible for software validation and fabrication of an automated tester for verifying software. The Software Validation Tester (SVT) became the model for future forward model efforts.  The validation process was applied to Automotive Components Division (ACD) forward model software validation programs.
Ford Motor Company
Electronic Concepts & Systems Office
Dearborn, MI
06/89 – 09/90
System Design Program Manager: Supervised individual engineers in developing advanced Safety & Security concepts.  Developed concept of operations and operating scenarios for several anti-collision and anti-theft concepts.  Co-inventor of three invention disclosures using pyroelectric sensing.  The program was canceled by management so that engineering resources could be redirected to the electric vehicle program.  However, much of the completed work was book shelved and subsequently used.
Ford Motor Company
Phase III System Design Office
Dearborn, MI
04/87 – 06/89
System Design Program Manager: One of five charter members of ELD's Phase III Systems Design Office.  Contributed significantly to defining the department’s mission and goals.  Established system skill requirements and hired many of the engineers who eventually seeded Ford’s Advanced Vehicle Technology (AVT) and European Automotive Operations (EAO) Electrical/Electronic Systems Engineering departments.