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18 East 41st Street   Suite 401

New York, N.Y. 10017

6 June 2000

 Dear Mr. Flanagan:           Re: 612th Tank Destroyer Bn

 In a recent issue of one of the service magazines, we saw a notice of a forthcoming reunion of your association. It will be of interest to you to learn that your unit had been cited with the Croix de Guerre during its campaign in France or Belgium in World War II. Although this was a unit citation and not an individual one, you and veterans of your association are eligible to join the American Order as an Associate member.

 The American Order of the French Croix de Guerre, Inc., was founded in 1954 and has among its members some of the illustrious names of World War I and II military history.

 Briefly stated, the purposes of this organization per its Bylaws are:

 a.    To unite American, French and other Allied veterans who have received from the French Government the Croix de Guerre in order to develop and maintain between them a relationship of mutual friendship;

 b.    To facilitate for American recipients of the Croix de Guerre, and f or those who were members of units at the time the unit was cited with this decoration, the obtaining from the French Government the same privileges it accords it own citizen—holders of this decoration;

 c.    To create a better understanding and a more friendly relation- ship between France and the United States and with all the Allies of the United States of America and the Republic of France.

 We have a sister organization in France known as the Association Nationale des Croix de Guerre et de la Valeur Militaire with which we keep in close contact. Both France and Belgium issued Commemorative Medals after the war to recognize the services of Allied Forces in the liberation of these two countries. We make these medals available to our members.

 We would be pleased to have you announce the American Order of the French Croix de Guerre, Inc., to the members of your Association. We are enclosing an application form, the reverse side of which specifies membership eligibility.

Very truly yours,

Steven F. Kovach