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World War II Memorial


Electronic Registry



Memorial as viewed from the
Washington Monument.

The World War II Memorial (located in Washington, D.C.) has an electronic registry where all WW II individuals who contributed to the war effort can have their names and military units recorded for future generations to look up.


Memorial plaza at night.

It's a shame that more veterans not registered.  Registry will allow future generations learn about their family history and sacrifices made for their country.

Below is a copy of Willard Webb’s registry to give you an idea of what it looks like and the information you need to provide.

Generally, the information needed is the veterans full name, hometown and the name of the person honoring the veteran.

Family members can put a deceased veteran’s name into the online registry.  They can also add a photo of the veteran for $10.

But the site is not just for people who were killed in action. It’s for any veteran that was in World War II, or any civilian who contributed to the war effort.

To register a WWII veteran or civilian war effort honoree, go to www.wwiimemorial.com, then click on “Registry”; then click on “Register an honoree.”