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Presidential Unit Citation

During the period of 12th December 1944 to 29th December 1944 in the vicinity of Hofen, Germany, Company ‘A’, 612th Tank Destroyer Battalion distinguished Itself by exhibiting outstanding courage and superior heroism in the presence of the enemy. The officers and men of Company “A”, 612th Tank Destroyer Battalion, by spirited and out­standing aggressiveness, were successful in preventing a breakthrough by the enemy in the sector occupied by the 3rd Battalion of the 395th infantry Regiment. During the en­tire action the personnel of Company A”, 612th Tank Destroyer Battalion were em­ployed in the role of infantry, one for which they were not trained nor to which assign­ed, fighting with the courage and spirit of infantrymen and being responsible for the cap­ture of many enemy personnel and enemy materiel as well as the killing of numerous Ger­mans. Their outstanding courage, bravery and discipline exhibited to all that this was a. superior fighting unit and was instrumental in resisting the northern arm of the German Pincer aimed for Eupen, Belgium through Monschau, Germany. Had the enemy offensive successfully overrun the positions of Company “A” 612th Tank Destroyer Battalion, the entire northern flank of the First United States Army would have been endangered, and the major supply depots in the vicinity of Eupen and Verviers threatened.