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Our deepest sympathies go out to the Coone boys, Tommy, Mark and Danny on the loss of their beloved mother Mary Coone on March 3, 2007. Mary was the widow of William Coone (Company C and Recon).

I received the following e-mail from Tommy. I think the tribute he wrote to his mother is better than any words I could say.

“My mother, Mary Coone, just died tonight.  She was married to William Coone, who was in Company C and Recon. Mark, Danny and I are members of the 612th reunion and Ma attended once and always wanted to attend more but was too ill. 

I've lived with Ma these last ten years. This is hitting me extremely hard.  I'm not very rational so if I babble I apologize. Our Address is the same as registered in the newsletter (that she loved to read)

No idea when she will be buried. We go this morning to the funeral home to make arrangements but it will be quick I'm sure.  It will be at Taylor's Funeral Home in Dickson, Tennessee.  She did not attend but one reunion but I'd have not been able to attend any without her support and encouragement.  She really was a very special person. I know every son says it about their mother but I can say that I never met anyone who didn't like her.  She was a person that being good, kind and nice came naturally to her.

Thank you so much for your reply.....So many of the 612th family have passed since I first joined.....it always saddens me...now the widow of William Coone joins the ranks of the departed.”