Richard Alan Pidsosny

42159 Briarcliff Court

Canton, MI 48187


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I have 28 years experience as a tier 1 supplier developing automotive products.  My experience includes management, electronic product development, electronic circuit/module design, system engineering, software validation process, high-energy team participation/building, technical sales and electronic product design. I have formed effective design organizations and have managed groups of up to 20 engineers.  I have planned and successfully executed several projects with investments of several million dollars with eventual paybacks in the tens of millions of dollars.  I have developed both business and technology road maps.

 I am a relentless innovator. I have eight patents, nine invention disclosures and several intellectual property defensive publications. My patents range from electronic circuits to computer algorithms to color polarization of Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs). Problems only stimulate me – the impossible takes a little longer, but not much.  I have developed numerous “Ford Firsts”.