Richard Alan Pidsosny

42159 Briarcliff Court

Canton, MI 48187


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I am a relentless innovator.  I trust my intuitive insights.  Faith in my inner vision can move mountains.  Problems only stimulate me—the impossible takes a little longer, but not much.  I am very independent.  I place a high value on competence— my own and others.   

I want to see my inspirations worked out in practice, applied and accepted.  I am willing to spend any time and effort to that end.  I have determination, perseverance, and will drive others almost as hard as I drive myself.  Although my preference is for intuition, I can, when necessary, focus on the details of a project to realize my vision.   

I value and use confidently my intuitive insights in fields such as business, science, engineering and invention.  My intuition may be of immense value in any field, and can bring new insights and inspiration to a routine job.  I tend to be critical of my inner vision and will listen to the opinions of others.  This lets me shape my inspirations into effective action. 

I focus on goals.  I see the end very clearly however, I appreciate other people’s values and feelings.  I actively seek the viewpoints of others.


Rick Pidsosny